University of Zululand UNIZULU Vision and Mission

By | September 19, 2021

University of Zululand UNIZULU Vision and Mission


The new vision of the University of Zululand enunciates the institution’s commitment to both academic excellence and quality: “A leadingrural-basedcomprehensive university providing quality education.’’  The above vision sums up the character of the new comprehensive institution succinctly. The University operationalizes this vision in the diverse academic and training opportunities it provides for both staff and students.

The new mission refers to the generation of knowledge (research)…in partnership with local and international communities (glocalization). Research collaboration is one of the pillars on which various international partnerships are anchored. The University’s growing engagement with the international community is gradually transforming Unizulu into a global player. Unizulu’s comprehensive status opens up opportunities for local private and public partnerships. The ILO works collaboratively with those university departments responsible for establishing regional and national partnerships.

The ILO’s mission is that of supporting the internationalization processes at Unizulu. The Office envisions itself as efficiently providing the Unizulu community with relevant information and services. It perceives itself as a one-stop service centre for the prospective international/local students and scholars providing high quality services. ILO ranks integration of local and international students highly to promote harmony and high benefits from the diversity. The ILO aims at bringing the world to Unizulu and sending Unizulu to the world.