University of Johannesburg UJ Account Number

By | September 19, 2021

University of Johannesburg UJ Account Number

UJ Banking Details

University of Johannesburg Account Number, The following payment methods can be used when making payment to UJ

1. Students with a valid UJ Student Number, using Electronic banking

  • The new UJ FNB Tuition Fee account is available as a pre-defined beneficiary on the
  • Electronic platforms of all the major banks, including Capitec Bank.
  • Search for the predefined beneficiaries on your own electronic banking platform,
  • Select UJ FNB Tuition Fee account and save that as a beneficiary to make payment
  • Use your valid UJ student number as reference.

2. Students with a valid UJ Student Number, using any FNB Branch

  • Visit any FNB Branch to make a payment into the UJ Tuition Fee Account.
  • The teller should select the UJ tuition fees account for payment.
  • Use your valid UJ student number as reference.

3. Students with a valid UJ Student Number, using any FNB Cash accepting ATM

  • Cash deposit; use any FNB cash accepting ATM.
  • Select the card less services option on the ATM
  • Deposit Cash
  • FNB Recipient Name, key in UJ and then space
  • Select UJ tuition fees account

4. Students without a valid UJ student number, but a valid South African ID Number or Passport Number can use the following account

FNB UJ Bursary account details Account number:

Cheque Account Number 626 158 73280

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Branch name : FNB Client Services Branch

Branch Code : 210 – 554

Additional bursaries for students in the Faculty of Education

Bursaries from R5 000 to R8 000 are available. Contact the Bursary Office for more information on the criteria for these bursaries and application forms. Enquiries: 011 559 3769 or [email protected]

Leadership bursary

The President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer of a secondary school body who enrols at the University will receive a bursary of R1 500.

Culture and sports bursaries
The University offers many cultural activities and sports opportunities, as well as a large number of bursaries in these fields. Sports bursaries are awarded for achievement at provincial or a higher level. Applications for sports bursaries must be submitted on the prescribed bursary application form obtainable from the Sports Bureau. Closing date for applications is 30 September.

Cultural Bursaries are awarded to members of the UJ Arts and Culture groups.


Culture bursaries: 011 559 2034

Sports bursaries: 011 559 2252

Alumni bursaries and discounts
1. Access to R80 000 (per annum) worth of bursaries for Alumni members and their children (bursary application to be

completed and handed in at the Alumni Office).

2. Children of contributing Alumni Network members, who register for undergraduate curricular programmes at UJ, are eligible for a 10% discount on residence and tuition fees (a separate application to be completed each year and handed in at the Alumni Office). 

Enquiries: 011 559 2431
Financial Aid


Study loans are available to registered students.

Enquiries: Edu-loan Customer Services

011 559 3552 or 086 055 5544