Central University of Technology CUT Online Registration 2021 – 2022

By | September 16, 2021

Central University of Technology CUT Online Registration 2021 – 2022

Important Messages

  1. CUT regrets to inform you that the University will not accept walk-in applications in January 2021 – 2022.
  2. Prospective students who have not secured space may elect to apply to the centralised Department of Higher Education and Training CACH system, https://cach.dhet.gov.za/Applicant/UsingCACH

Follow CUT’s official Facebook and/or Twitter pages, we will share critical information on the channels before and during registration.

Important to Note:

  1. Class Attendance is compulsory
  2. The medium of instruction is English
  3. CUT Year Programme 2021 – 2022 (PDF) with important dates (to be updated)
  4. Calendar 2021 – 2022: Students are subject to the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Central University of Technology, Free State.

Guidance to register

Download the CUT Registration guideline 2021 – 2022 (PDF). the following information is available in the guide:

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  1. Registration guidelines for 2021 – 2022 academic year
  2. Payment of tuition fees
  3. Minimum initial payment upon registration
  4. International student financial registration guide
  5. Banking Details
  6. Terms and conditions of account payments
  7. Residence registration process
  8. Online registration process
  9. Registration Dates
  10. International students
  11. National Benchmark Test NBT’s
  12. Step-by-step guidelines for online registration (see below)

Quick Reference: Online registration (senior students)

The following steps should be followed in completing the on-line registration processes:

  • Make your way to any computer in laboratory 009, 010, 011 or 012 in the Student Academic Support Centre (Bloemfontein Campus) or computer laboratory 110 & 111 in the Student Academic Support Centre (Welkom Campus) to register online on campus. Alternatively, you may utilise your own resources (computer and internet) to register online off campus.
  • Attention: New International Students can unfortunately not be able to do an online registration without having done their compliance check with the International Office at Artec Hall, alternatively contact the International Office for guidance +27 51 507 3798/3885 [email protected]

Go to, Online Registration

  1. Download the full CUT Registration guide above for all the information you need. Go to page 15.
  2. Generic Pin code: For all new students is 10101 please remember to change your pin after registration.
  3. Collect your student card, internet access form and/or parking disc (if applicable) in the Artec Hall (Bloemfontein Campus), and in computer lab 110 or 111 in the Student Academic Support Centre (Welkom campus). Bring your proof of registration