SAHETI School Matric Results

SAHETI School Matric Results

100% pass rate and 239 distinctions for SAHETI matrics
SAHETI’s Class of 2017 clocked in 242 distinctions (3,79 distinctions per candidate) – a new SAHETI record – with nine candidates (14% of the group) achieving meritorious full house distinctions. Three SAHETI pupils were named as Outstanding Achievers by the IEB. Additionally, an impressive 72 distinctions were A+ marks (between 90 – 100%) across a number of subjects. 36,5% of the group achieved a distinction average, and 99% achieved a Bachelor Degree Pass, allowing access to university.

The group’s determined work ethic and academic ambition in achieving their goals set them on a path paved with academic success, ensuring that they have achieved the highest number of distinctions yet in SAHETI’s history.

Executive Headmaster Warwick Taylor comments: “SAHETI’s class of 2017 have not only produced top results, but have also displayed the character and leadership qualities that will allow them to have influence within society. I wish them all of the best as they proceed in their careers of choice. I thank the teachers and parents who have supported, guided and taught them. They have certainly been nurtured along a path of success, and as a community we are confident that they have the skills to realize their future potential. Bravo SAHETI!”

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