SAHETI School Alumni

SAHETI School Alumni

Welcome to the new Alumni Officer

On behalf of the SAHETI Alumni Association Committee, I am very pleased to welcome our new Alumni Officer, Fotoula Avagliano (nee Kyprianou) to the SAHETI Alumni team. It is indeed meaningful and significant to us that Fotoula is herself an Alumna of SAHETI. Fotoula attended SAHETI Nursery School from 1984, and matriculated in 1999.

Like many SAHETI Alumni, after matriculating, Fotoula went straight on to tertiary studies which she pursued with passion and commitment. She obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of the Witwatersrand with majors in Marketing and Law. She then went on to obtain her Honours Degree in Business Economics (specifically in the field of marketing). She further enhanced her Greek studies by undertaking 3 years of study in Greek at the University of Johannesburg.

In her own words – “SAHETI has a special and warm place in our hearts and it will be my mission to represent SAHETI’s Alumni in all spheres of activity. We have all achieved so much and play a transformative role in so many areas of activity, from the professions, to economics, culture and the arts, whether here at home or other parts of the world. I know of so many of us who are at the top of our game: it is important that as a group we play our role not only in the future of this great school but in preserving and promoting the ethos we all grew up with and have grown to love so dearly. I am so proud to be a member of such a fantastic group of people. No matter where I am or who I am with, I have always promoted SAHETI”.

Fotoula’s dream is for SAHETI’s Alumni to participate at various levels, to play an active role in the future success of the school and to see as many of SAHETI’s Alumni as possible bringing their own children to SAHETI. I, and the Alumni Association Committee, have complete confidence in Fotoula’s commitment and abilities in her new role, which includes coordinating SAHETI’s programs and services for and with its Alumni, and the development of its growing scope of activities. As its Alumni, we have grown up through SAHETI’s classrooms, and learned much from our time on its sports-fields, including lessons in team-work, honour and humility. We have emerged as responsible citizens and have taken our place in various walks of life, both in South Africa and around the globe. Many of us are leaders in our chosen fields and we are proud to say that in many ways we continue to be protagonists in further enhancing SAHETI’s reputation.

The purpose of the SAHETI Alumni Association, established in 2012, is to enhance the role of SAHETI Alumni in the life of the school, to further the interests of SAHETI and to continue finding ways in which the Alumni can be instrumental in the well-being and further development and growth of the school. Having served as the Chairman of the SAHETI Alumni Association since its inception, it is rewarding to say that the SAHETI Alumni Association is maturing at an incredible rate and is emphatically developing the role of SAHETI Alumni within the current and future life of the school.

The Association believes that being a well-connected SAHETI alumnus means more today than ever before. With this aim in mind, our communication vehicles are becoming increasingly effective tools in creating platforms aimed at facilitating engagement between our Alumni and SAHETI. The Alumni Newsletter, our website, our Facebook page and other social media channels, continue to keep our alumni up to-date on many different topics of interest. The SAHETI Alumni Association Executive Committee has been hard at work preparing for the future and with your support, we will continue to develop strategies to give the Association a stronger voice, engage alumni from every generation and geographic location, establish and maintain strong lines of communication and think around the curve.

In 2015 the Association launched the SAHETI Alumni Support Fund – Give a child a chance campaign (a non-profit Fund) – an initiative I am especially proud of, which makes it possible for children of SAHETI Alumni in financial need to continue or begin their education at SAHETI. Thanks to the generosity of the SAHETI Alumni family as well as the broader community, funds raised have to date been applied toward assisting more than 10 Alumni families in financial need. It is the aim of this fund to continue raising funds to make the dream of the continued education of these children, possible.
Visit SAHETI Alumni Support Fund for more information.

Gary Ttappous
Chairman – SAHETI Alumni Association
Class of 1981

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